The 2016/17 season was a record export of grain and sugar

2017-07-07 14:33:35
The 2016/17 season was a record export of grain and sugar

the Volume of exports of grain crops and flour in 2016/17 MG made 44,441 million tonnes, almost 5 million tonnes more than in the previous season, the Ministry agroprodmach.


In the season 2016/17 compared to the previous Mr increased exports


  • corn 3,294 million tonnes to 20,703 million tons,
  • the
  • wheat 592 thousand MT to 17,531 million tons,
  • the
  • barley, with 941 thousand tons to 5,354 million tons,
  • the
  • flour to 54 thousand MT to 402,9 thousand tons,
  • the
  • other grains for 61 thousand tons to 304 thousand tons.

the Export of rye has decreased by 7 thousand tons to 11.4 thousand tons.


For 2016/17 MG domestic enterprises exported 738,5 thousand tons of sugar, more than 10 times the exports of the previous season.


According to the Association "Ukrtsukor" compared to last MG for the 2016/17 season sugar exports increased from 71.3 thousand MT to 738,5 thousand tons In June 2017. exported 6,355 thousand tons, while in may – 48,4 thousand tons of sugar.


Despite the increase in acreage under sugar beet by 6% to 310 thousand hectares of sugar production in 2017/18 MG will remain at the level of 2 million tonnes due to the deterioration of yields due to adverse weather conditions of April-may. Sugar exports will amount to 500 thousand tons with domestic consumption at 1.5 million tons.


the Gross grain harvest in the current season will amount to 60 million tons and exports is projected at the level of 36-37 million tons.