The August weather increases yield of corn and soybeans

2017-09-05 13:12:51
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The August weather increases yield of corn and soybeans

the Agency Informa Economics in a new report increased the estimate of the yield of U.S. corn to $ 169.2 bushels/acre (at 11.37 t/ha) against 165,9 bushels/act (11,14 t/ha) of the previous month's forecast. Total maize production is estimated at 14,123 billion bushels or 358,8 million tons.


yield projection for soybeans also increased from 47.3 bushels/act (to 3.17 t/ha) to 49.4 bushels/acre (6,34 t/ha). The overall soybean crop is projected at 4,384 billion bushels, or 119.3 million tons.


Ukraine has completed the vegetation of late crops. Agrometeorological conditions of the past decade was uneven and largely dependent on rainfall. In the extreme West and South of the country last rainfall of varying intensity, relative humidity increased, so the conditions were considered favourable for vegetation or satisfactory. Despite unusually high for this region the highest average and daytime temperatures, the vegetation continues.


In the Western regions of maize grain in most reached the milk stage to the time close to multiyear periods, while the South and East, it happened 2-3 weeks earlier than the multiyear average terms.


the General condition of the crops depending on time of planting and species hybrids switchesthat satisfactory. Evaluation of crop yield and gross harvesting of corn remains unchanged at 24-25 million tons.


a Large number of proposals of Brazilian corn and the approach of the time of receipt at the U.S. grain markets pressured prices. In the US, corn prices remain at $140/ton, in Ukraine – in the range of 146-148 $/t at the port.