Saudi Arabia has purchased barley podeshevle

2018-07-10 12:17:31
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Saudi Arabia has purchased barley podeshevle

the State Agency for the purchase of food in Saudi Arabia SAGO in the part of the tender bought 1.74 million tonnes of barley, which exceeds the initially planned amount (1.5 million tons).


As specified, the grain originating from Australia and countries in North and South America, the European Union and black sea region were purchased at an average price of $226,47 per ton C&F for delivery in September, October. The purchase price was for 2-3долара cheaper than purchasing at the previous tender in may, thanks to more offers from various providers.


This tender gave guidance prices for barley of the new harvest for the countries of the black sea.


the Forecast low of barley crop in Ukraine and Russia is confirmed by the first data on crop yields.


As of 9 July, Russia produced 2 million tons of barley (winter and spring) from the area 537,8 thousand hectares, with a yield of 3.63 t/ha (2017 – 4,46 t/ha).

Ukraine winter barley harvested on 709,3 thousand hectares, or 86% of the area harvested 2.4 million tonnes with a yield of 3.40 t/ha; spring barley were thrashed, which is 8%, or 120.2 thousand hectares harvested 221,3 thousand tons with an average yield of 1.84 t/ha.


It promotes growth of purchasing prices for barley in Ukraine, which rose by $ 2-3 and is trading at 180-182$/t, or 5650 - 5700грн/t delivery port.

the Forecast precipitation for the next few days will stop collecting, which can lead to a slight increase in prices in the short term.