Rosstat reduced the area of winter wheat sowing in Russia in 2021 by 7.5%

2021-08-02 12:54:57
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Rosstat reduced the area of winter wheat sowing in Russia in 2021 by 7.5%

After a dispute between the Hydrometeorological Center and the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia regarding grain production forecasts in 2021, Rosstat published an updated report on crop sowing areas for 2021.


According to its data, 15.6 million hectares of winter wheat were sown in farms of all categories for the 2021 harvest, which is 7.5% lower than last year's figure and significantly lower than Rosstat's forecast of 16.9 million hectares made at the end of 2020.


The total area of sowing winter crops for the 2021 harvest decreased by 6.1% compared to the previous year to 17.5 million hectares. However, the area under winter rye increased by 6% to 1.04 million hectares, and under winter barley – by 6.4% to 776.6 thousand hectares.


The area of sowing of spring cereals and legumes increased by 0.6% to 29.5 million hectares compared to 2020, including under spring wheat – by 4.3% to 13.1 million hectares, although the total area of wheat sowing decreased by 2.5% to 28.7 million hectares.


The total area of barley sowing also decreased by 4% compared to 2020 to 8.1 million hectares, as the increase in the area of sowing under winter barley could not compensate for their reduction under spring barley.


At the same time due to the high level of prices the area of sowing oilseeds increased compared to the previous season:

  • sunflower-by 14% to 9.6 million hectares,
  • rapeseed-by 13% to 1.7 million hectares,
  • soybeans - by 7% to 3 million hectares.


Such an adjustment of acreage will significantly change the balance of sunflower and wheat, which will greatly affect prices in the near future.

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