Russia can collect a record 130 million tons of grain

2017-08-21 14:30:01
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Russia can collect a record 130 million tons of grain

Promote the harvesting campaign in Russia gives analysts reason to adjust forecasts of production and exports of grain.


As of 18.08.17 from 18.4 million hectares of harvested 72.5 million tons of grain with yields of 39.4 kg/ha. On the same date in 2016, with 23.8 million ha had been collected of 76.1 million tonnes of grain with a yield of 32 q/ha.


Analysts of the company "Prozerno" I believe that in the current year gross harvest of grain and leguminous crops in Russia will reach the record of 130.7 million tonnes, the Largest harvest was recorded in 1978, when threshed 127.4 million t Harvest even with the Crimea will exceed the previous record.


this season of "Prozerno" estimates the wheat crop at 80.1 MMT, barley – 19 mln tonnes, maize – 16,3 million tons, legumes (chickpeas, peas, vetch, etc.) – 3.85 million tons, buckwheat, crops which grew by 40% to 1.7 million tons.


Experts warn that a record crop may cause problems with the storage of grain in certain regions.


the Export potential of the current season is estimated at 47-48 million tons, in particular:

  • wheat and 35 million tons,
  • corn – 6.4 million tons,
  • of barley and 4.5 million tonnes, pulses at 1.2-1.4 mln tons.


IN 2016/17 MG grain exports according to the estimates of the Ministry of agriculture amounted to 35.5 million tonnes, including wheat – 27.1 mln tons.


the Federal center for security and quality of grain of last year's estimates exports from 35.98 million tonnes, including wheat – 27.5 mn t, corn – 5.3 million tons, barley – 3 mln tons.


According to Rosstat amounted to a yield of 120.7 million tons, including wheat – 73.3 million tons, corn – 15.3 million tons, barley – 17,99 million tons.


In all production regions grain prices during the week fell by 10-20 $. The lowest level they reach in the second half of August.


Previously, "Rosagrotrans" increased the estimate of grain exports in 2017/18 MG to 43 million tons and production to 127 to 129 million tons, including wheat – 77-80 mln tonnes, maize – 16-16. 5 million tonnes, barley at 18.5-19 million tons.


Experts of the Russian grain Union has increased its assessment of exports to 42-43 million tons and production to 124 million tonnes, including wheat – 77,5-80 million tons.


the Forecast of the Ministry of agriculture remains at the level of 103-105 million tonnes.