Russian exporters stimulate exports the conduct of the duties, and the Ukrainian expect high prices

2021-02-22 12:02:26
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Russian exporters stimulate exports the conduct of the duties, and the Ukrainian expect high prices

Usually, high prices lead to increased exports, however, in Ukraine manufacturers continue to keep the market in anticipation of higher prices or seasonal decline. Russian exporters are willing to cut prices to boost sales in the run-up to the introduction of 15 Mar duties, which increases pressure on the world market.


IN 2020/21 MG as of 11 February, the export of grain from Russia increased compared to the same period of the previous season by 28.5% to 36.3 million tons, including:

  • the wheat – by 28.2% to 30.1 million tonnes,
  • barley – 48.5% to 4.1 million tonnes,
  • corn decreased by 0.6% to 1.8 million tons.


in General, in 2019/20 MG, Russia exported 41.7 million tonnes of grain, including 33.2 million tons of wheat.


According to the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, during the week the price of wheat protein 12,5% on the basis FOB Novorossiysk decreased by 7 $/ton to 280 $/MT, barley – 3 $/t to 247 $/t of corn increased by $4/t-264 $/t


From March 15 to Russia exports that will be carried out until 30 June 2021 in the range of 17.5 million tonnes, will be subject to duty: wheat - 50 €/t, corn – 25 €/ton, barley – 10 €/t Duty on grain, which is over the quota will be 50% of the customs value of products, but not less than 100 €/t


June 2, introduced a floating fee that will be charged upon reaching the stock price of 200 $/t and 70% of the difference between the contract price and the 200 $/t


According to the SMS of Ukraine, in 2020/21 MG as of February 19, grain exports from the country declined compared to the same period of last year by 26.3% to 30,869 million tons, including:

  • the wheat – 22% to 13,312 million tonnes,
  • corn – 40% to 13.08 million tonnes,
  • barley – 20 thousand tons to 3,956 million tonnes.


the Slowdown in the export of wheat is due to a sharp decline in prices for Russian wheat and increased competition, while the sale of corn decreased as a result of high price and limiting sales of manufacturers, though the price of corn in the port are 250-254 $/t, and wheat – 270-2752 $/t


the Demand for Ukrainian corn is reduced, since China started to buy U.S. corn, and the EU reduce the import of corn, replacing it with a cheaper feed wheat.

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