Rape continues to rise

2017-07-11 15:47:38
Rape continues to rise

the Main driver of rising prices for rapeseed remains of a rise in price of soybeans and oil in Chicago.


the Price of soybean oil rose to 748 $/t


Support prices, heavy rains in France that stopped the new harvest and can significantly reduce yields.


Yesterday on Euronext, August futures rose by 8.25 euros/t to 377,5 EUR/t, which is the highest price of the last 4 months.


In Ukraine, the harvest of winter rape takes place in all regions. According to official data, as of 06.07.17 with 26 thousand hectares (3% of the planned threshing 821,2 thousand hectares) collected 51 thousand tons of rapeseed with an average yield of 2 t/ha.


the First phase of the harvest showed a lag of rate of harvest and yield from last year. In 2016, the same date it was harvested 117 thousand tons of rapeseed from the area of 51 thousand hectares with an average yield of 2.31 t/ha.


during the week the price of rapeseed on the basis of CPT-port grew by 5-6 $/t to 408-412 $/t or 12000-12400 UAH/ton.

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