Rape becomes more expensive after Canalou

2016-10-19 12:05:54
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Rape becomes more expensive after Canalou

Adverse weather conditions prevailing over the territory of Canada within the current week, can cause deterioration of the prospects of the gross harvest of canola in the country, which is now estimated at 18.5 million tons.


in Particular, the excessive precipitation in the form of rain and snow impede the harvesting campaign in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta, where they remain uncleared 20% of areas with Canalou.


In Malaysia, the price of palm oil is growing due to yet unconfirmed information about the reduced production in September due to the influence of El niño. Demand from China and the activity of the processors is above target, supported the soybean market.


against the background of these factors, the price of rapeseed in EU rose to 392 € /ton or 430,46 $/ton, although two weeks ago it was 375 Euro/ton.


In Ukraine, the price of rapeseed rose to 415-418 $/ton or 12,500 UAH/t on the basis CPT-port. However, due to the reduction of oilseed stocks traders pereorientirovanija for the purchase of soy and corn.


In the 2016/17 season my Ukraine has exported 650 thousand tons of rape from the potential of 800-900 thousand tons.