Wheat markets in anticipation of new trends

2017-09-06 12:54:08
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Wheat markets in anticipation of new trends

The fall of wheat quotes, caused by an increase in global production forecasts in 2017/18 MR, is basically completed after collecting data from harvesting campaigns in major producer countries.

Through adverse weather conditions in the Australian States that are major producers of grain, wheat futures gained 1.8% to 261 AUD/t or 208,6 $/t In the Eastern and Western regions of Australia, the forecasters promise heavy rains in New South Wales will continue the drought that will worsen the quality of grain.


In Russia, domestic grain prices fell to a minimum fall of 2014 At the end of last week the price of wheat 4 cells with protein 10% down 11% up to 120 $/t. the market crushed expectations for a record harvest, which may prevent weather conditions, lack of storage facilities and logistical problems.


the Baltic Countries, especially Lithuania and Latvia, gathered a good harvest of wheat, which because of the low price is competitive quality German grain. German wheat with protein 12.5% from September delivery on the SRT-Hamburg is trading at is 165.5 €/t, whereas for Lithuanian wheat protein 12.5% from September delivery on the SRT-Klaipeda ask only of 157.5 €/t


In Chicago the fifth day in a row continues speculative growth of prices for wheat. Investors try to win back the previous fall and cover short positions.


durum wheat in Minneapolis is cheaper as you move the harvest. Threshed 89% of spring wheat, a yield which exceeds the forecasted.


the December quotations of wheat in the U.S.

  • soft wheat SRW in Chicago by 0.83 $/t to 162,77 $/t,
  • for hard wheat HRW in Kansas city 1.47 $/t to 163,51 $/t

Fell 0.46 $/t to 231,11 $/t hard spring wheat HRS in Minneapolis.


the Growth of Chicago and increased demand from European refiners, in particular feed producers, supported by European market.


  • December futures milling wheat on MATIF rose by 2 €/t to 162,5 €/t (193,62 $/t).