Wheat markets have not yet factors to growth rates

2017-04-24 14:31:14
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Wheat markets have not yet factors to growth rates

In Friday trading on the U.S. wheat market has ended in all directions.


On the stock exchange in Chicago continued with a speculative drop caused by the news from Canada. There the experts of the Bureau of statistics estimated the acreage under wheat in the country at the level of the 23,18 million acres, which greatly exceeded the expectations of market participants and was only 0.2% less than last year's sowing area.


during the week of may futures in Chicago has depreciated by 9 $/ton.


the May wheat futures in United States APR 21, had the following trend:


  • in Chicago 0.46 $/tonne to 148,81 $/ton cheaper soft winter SRW wheat
  • in Kansas city 0,64 $/tonne to 148,63 $/ton rose solid winter HRW wheat
  • in Minneapolis 0.18 $/tonne to 193,45 $/ton cheaper solid spring HRS wheat.


Under pressure from Chicago cheaper French wheat. The traders are watching the weather conditions, but has not yet defined how the cold dry air will affect the next harvest.


the May futures milling wheat on MATIF fell by 0.75 euros/t to 162,50 EUR/t or 173,74 $/t


In Ukraine, the weather factor did not affect prices, because the cold, which was observed last week, didn't hurt the winter crops.


a Number of traders who are actively buying wheat, reduced, and accordingly reduced the purchase price of grain.


Today, in the ports of Ukraine for wheat offer:



the Processors in anticipation of a further fall in wheat prices have also reduced their purchasing activity.