Wheat quotes are rising due to weather news

2017-04-26 12:27:02
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Wheat quotes are rising due to weather news

on Tuesday continued increase in the price of wheat on the French market. Mainly due to the strengthening of the position of soft wheat in Chicago. However, the important role played by the weather factor. Dry weather in some EU countries, leaves concerns about the fate of the next harvest.


the May futures milling wheat on MATIF rose 1.75 euros/t to 164,50 € /t or 179.99 for $/t


Wheat area in Chicago has finally turned up. The weakening of the dollar EN masse investors covered short positions.


Traders are concerned about frost, which meteorologists predict next week in the regions of cultivation of wheat in the United States and Canada.


the May wheat futures in the U.S.

  • in Chicago at 2.30 $/tonne to 150,19 $/tones on soft winter SRW wheat,
  • in Kansas city by 3.77 $/tonne to 151,38 $/tone on a solid winter HRW-wheat,
  • in Minneapolis at 4.50 $/tonne to 196,12 $/tone on a solid spring HRS wheat.


In Ukraine, the demand for wheat continues to fall as exporters, and processors.


During 15-21 April of the seaports of Ukraine exported 542,4 thousand tons of grain, whereas a week earlier, the figure was 1.6 million tonnes. In particular, during the specified period were exported 328,7 thousand tons of corn, to 130.1 thousand tons of wheat and 83.6 thousand tons of barley.


the Purchase price for wheat at all bases decreased by 50-100 UAH/t.