Wheat US exchanges ended the week with another decline

2016-07-18 14:11:13
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Wheat US exchanges ended the week with another decline

on Friday, the U.S. wheat market continued its decline. The weakening of markets for soybeans and corn, caused by the long-awaited rainfall, have created additional pressure on wheat prices.


to a Certain extent on the price of wheat was affected by a failure of export week. The volume of weekly sales of U.S. wheat on July 7, amounted to 317 thousand tons and not even "held" until the lower border of the expectations of the traders who were at the level of 400-600 thousand tons. This result is the worst since the beginning of the season that looks rather strange on the background of constant lower prices for wheat.


However, total sales in 2016 already is 35.4% higher than sales for the same period in 2015.


the September wheat prices in the U.S. declined:

  • the soft wheat SRW in Chicago at 3.40/tone to 156,07 $/ton
  • the for hard wheat HRW in Kansas city 1.47 $/tonne to 152,02 $/ton
  • the on a hard spring wheat HRS in Minneapolis by 1.19 $/ton to 182,52 $/ton.