Projections of grain production in Ukraine and Russia grow

2016-09-12 12:29:35
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Projections of grain production in Ukraine and Russia grow

the Department FAS USDA once again increased the forecast of grain harvest in Russia.


Gross fee with respect to the July balance increased by 6.8 million to 114.5 million. Wheat will be able to collect 72 million tons, 2 million tons more than previously planned, and barley – 17,7 (+0,2) million. To increase evaluation of impact of favorable weather in areas where wheat is grown, quick Assembly and high productivity.


the Gross yield of maize can reach 13.5 million tons. Cleaning company this year began much later than last season, as crops in the European part of Russia was detained June rainfall. The delay in cleaning can affect the corn crop.


the Forecast for exports this season increased from 33.2 to a record 37 million. Wheat exports may reach 28 million tons, barley – 4 million tons of corn is 4.3 million. Last season Russia exported 25.5 million tons of wheat, 4,3 million tons of barley and 4.4 million tonnes of maize.


the Minister of agrarian policy of Ukraine, the Corner said that the grain harvest this year may amount to 62.3 million tons, 2 million tons higher than the figure recorded last year.


the Ministry also expects increase in grain exports in the season 2016/17 MG to 39.8 million tons from 39.5 million ton the previous season.