Expectations for a record harvest of grain in Russia are justified

2017-09-21 13:43:28
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Expectations for a record harvest of grain in Russia are justified

According to the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation as at 20.09.17 in the country with 37.7 million hectares (80% of area sown with grain and leguminous squares) harvested 116,7 million tons of grain with an average yield of 3.10 t/ha. In 2016 on a specified date, with 40 million ha were collected 106.4 MMT of grain with a yield of 2.66  t/ha.



  • 80,2 million tons of winter wheat and spring from 23.7 million ha (85.8% of squares) for yield of 3.38  t/ha (in 2016, from 25.1 million hectares were produced 72.4 million tons with a yield of 2.89  t/ha);
  • 20.1 mln t of winter barley and spring from 7.1 million ha (89.6% of areas) with a yield of 2.82 t/ha (in 2016 from 7.8 million ha were harvested 18.4 million tons with a yield of 2.36 t/ha);
  • 1.9 million tonnes of sunflower seed 880,9 thousand ha (11,3% of the area) with a yield of 2.17 t/ha (in 2016, from 1.1 million ha were harvested 2.2 million tons with a yield of 2.09 t/ha);
  • 1.1 million tonnes of rapeseed 569,2 thousand hectares (57.6% of areas) with a yield of 1.85 t/ha (in 2016 from 586 thousand hectares were harvested 767,4 thousand tons with a yield of 1.31 t/ha).


Experts of "Center of grain quality" as of September 14 surveyed 32.3 million tons (44.1 per cent of the total crop) soft wheat of the new harvest in 45 regions of Russia and found that the share of food grains exceeds 68%. In particular, wheat 1 C in the examined samples is not detected, the share of wheat 2 KL – 0,1%, wheat 3 cells with protein 12% - 21,5%, wheat 4 cells with the protein more than 10% - 47%, durum wheat 5 KL – 31,3%.


a Survey of 1.5 million tonnes (41.9 per cent of the crop of malting barley, carried out in 9 regions of the Russian Federation, showed that the proportion of grains of 1 KL is 21,8%, 2 CL of 53.1%, and 25.1% of the grains do not meet the requirements of GOST.


the course of the harvest shows that the predictions of experts regarding the grain harvest in 125 to 130 million tons, of which the share of wheat – 82-83 million tonnes, begin to make excuses.


At the beginning of the season, the experts believed that using logistic problems in Russia will not be able to export over 30 million tons of wheat, but by the middle of September, the pace of exports accelerated. As at 13.09.17, Russia increased grain exports compared to the same period of the previous year by 19.3% to 8.9 million tons of grain, and the quantity of marketed wheat increased 6.3% to 6.7 million tonnes.