The forecast of grain harvest for Ukraine is reduced, and for Russia is unchanged

2020-09-03 12:05:21
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The forecast of grain harvest for Ukraine is reduced, and for Russia is unchanged

the dry conditions in some regions of Russia and Ukraine, analysts continue to cut forecasts for grain production and oilseeds for both countries.


While MSG left Russia the forecast of grain harvest at the same level of 122.5 million tonnes compared to 121,2 million tons per 2019р, although as of September 2, 33.1 million hectares or 69% of the area harvested of 102.7 million tonnes of grain with a yield of 3.1 t/ha.


in Particular, from 22.2 million hectares, or 75,3% of the area collected 74.5 million tonnes of wheat with a yield of 3.36 t/ha and 6.8 million hectares, or 79,4% of the area produced 19.1 million tonnes of barley with a yield of 2.82 t/ha.


First data on the oilseed demonstrate lower than last year, yields in the southern regions:


with 562,7 thousand ha or 37.7% of the area harvested 1.2 million tonnes of rapeseed with a yield of 22.1 t/ha,

with 125 thousand hectares or 4.4% of the area harvested 213,9 thousand tons of soybeans with a yield of 17.1 C/ha.

  • from 432,9 thousand hectares or 5.1% of the area harvested 675,8 thousand tons of sunflower seeds with the yield of 15.6 C/ha,


the Ministry of economic development of Ukraine again reduced the forecast of grain production in 2020 from 70 to 68 million tonnes, primarily through the reduction of the forecasts of the corn crop to 33 million tons and sunflower up to 14 million tonnes In August, the overall Outlook was decreased from 72,1 to 70 million tons.


the Experts of the Ukrainian grain Association (UGA) in September decreased compared to the August report, the forecast of grain and oilseed crops in 2020/21 MG of 96.7 to 95.6 million tons, including corn – from 36.4 to 35.3 million tonnes, and the export forecast from 58.4 to 56.3 million tons.


As of 27 August in Ukraine from 62.6% of the area harvested 38,04 million tons of grain and legumes with an average yield of 3.96 t/ha, in particular:


barley with 99.6% of the area collected 8.7 million tons with a yield of 3.67 t/ha,

rape 99.9% of the area collected 2.6 million tons with a yield of 2.29 t/ha,

sunflower with 2.4% of the area harvested 221,5 thousand tons with a yield of 1.48 t/ha.

  • wheat for 98.9% of the area harvested 26.6 million tons with a yield of 4,09 t/ha,


the Decrease in production of grains and oilseeds in the southern regions of Ukraine and Russia affected by the drought, partly offset by large crop in other regions.


Now, traders are confined to the Eastern regions of Russia, where half of the harvest of spring wheat, and yields although lower than last year by 10-30%, but better than predicted in times when the crops suffered from drought.


In the Ukraine in the southern regions started to collect the sunflower and the first data indicate an unsatisfactory yield and quality of seeds. However, it is expected that in the Central regions of sunflower seed will yield from only 10-15%.

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