The harvest forecast in Russia increased to 134 million tonnes

2017-09-04 13:59:16
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The harvest forecast in Russia increased to 134 million tonnes

the Institute for agricultural market studies (IKAR) raised its forecast of grain production in Russia in comparison with previous week by 2.5 million tonnes to 131-134 million tons due to favorable weather in the Eastern regions of the country.


According to the Ministry of agriculture in the Rostov region this year, the yield increased by 10% to 39.8 kg/ha, Krasnodar Krai – 4% to 62.9 kg/ha in Stavropol by 2% to 43.3 kg/ha, Uralsk by 19% to 21.8 C/ha.


Analysts of "Rusagrotrans" has increased relative to the previous report, the forecast of harvest from 127-129 to 132.3 million tonnes, in particular:

  • wheat – from 78-80 to 81.1 million tons,
  • barley – 18,5-19 to 19.3 million tons.

Assessment of the corn crop was left at the level of 16.5 million tons.


Earlier analytical company "Prozerno" increased the forecast of the gross grain harvest up to 130.7 million tonnes, of which wheat 80.1 million tonnes, barley – 19 mln tonnes, maize – 16.3 million tons.


the Analytical center "Sovekon" estimates harvest to 127.6 million tons, including wheat – of 78.9 million tonnes, barley – 19.4 million tons, corn – 16.4 million tons.


the agriculture Ministry left its forecast at 110 million tonnes as in some Central regions, the Urals and the Volga region is expected sharp cooling with rain, which can reduce yields and complicate harvest of grain. However, experts believe this estimate is too conservative: "at present, the weather may delay the time of harvesting, reduce the quality of grain."


According to the authorities of the APC as 01.09.17 from 28.2 million hectares (58.7 per cent sown area) collected 96,1 million tons of grain and leguminous crops on yield of 34.1 kg/ha, of which wheat was 67.8 million tonnes, barley – 17.5 million tons.


In 2016, on this date, from 32.3 million hectares were collected at 92.2 million tons of grain with the yield of 28.3 t/ha.