Continued growth of the dollar on the interbank market

2017-10-02 12:56:50
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Continued growth of the dollar on the interbank market

the Last business day of the  quarter brought additional tension on the interbank market.


Despite the sale of the national Bank on Thursday to 36.4 million $, the growth rate has not only stopped, but swiftly continued on Friday, crossing the mark of UAH 26.6/$.


the Regulator did not enter the market with currency auction, which further spurred speculators.


the Demand for currency considerably exceeded the offer, so exporters could raise the rate. Buyers were forced to accept such conditions, because the time to execute foreign currency liabilities had already left.


For additional benefits speculators not afraid to fly on foreign currency positions and played to increase even in the last day of the month.


on Monday, the dollar on the interbank market continued to grow. A daily change rate of 5-10 cents. reinforces the devaluation mood and free hand speculators, which causes a further rise in the dollar.


the national Bank could affect the situation, but after a rather restrained reaction of the interbank market in the last auctions there is an idea that can change the trend of devaluation he can't, but only slow the depreciation of the hryvnia.


it is Obvious that the NBU will periodically enter the market with currency interventions to support the hryvnia.