The price continues to fall wheat in the USA and Europe

2016-06-30 12:11:26
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The price continues to fall wheat in the USA and Europe

the market for French wheat continued to press the risks of deterioration of grain. The beginning of the harvest confirms the fears of wide spread fungal diseases. In the West and South-West of France, a decrease in the natural weight of winter barley.


Wednesday wheat quotations were under the additional influence of the Chicago stock exchange, where it continues to fall.


the Euro began to strengthen, reduce export competitiveness of European wheat.


In Paris at the MATIF milling wheat price for transactions in September decreased by € 3.00/tonne to € 156,75/tone or 174,20 $/ton.



the Market U.S. wheat is in steady decline. While no factors that could overcome the powerful pressure of a good harvest is observed. Exchanges fall under the pressure of high productivity, good quality, rapid cleaning.


the July wheat prices in the U.S. declined:

  • the 5.24/tone to 157,81 $/ton in Chicago soft wheat SRW,
  • the 3.22 $/tonne to 146,97 $/ton in Kansas city for hard wheat HRW,