Sowing campaign in Ukraine has slowed down due to weather conditions

2017-04-26 12:21:13
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Sowing campaign in Ukraine has slowed down due to weather conditions

As of April 25, in Ukraine spring crops were sown 43% of the planned areas, whereas last year on this date it was planted with 53% of the area.


More behind the sowing campaign of maize, soybean and sunflower. The decrease in air temperature and a large amount of precipitation observed over the past week, increase the time of the sowing for another 5-7 days.


currently, spring grains and leguminous 3.1 million hectares or 43% of the planned sowing 7.2 million hectares, including early grains planted 2.3 million hectares or 96% of the projected 2.4 million hectares, namely:

  • barley 1.5 million hectares or 93% of the planned 1.6 million hectares
  • peas 375 thousand hectares, or 114% of the planned 330 thousand hectares,
  • oats 195 thousand hectares or 94% of the planned 207 thousand hectares,
  • wheat 160 thousand hectares or 89% of the planned 180 thousand hectares.


in addition on a specified date planted:

  • corn 836 thousand hectares or 19% from the projected 4.5 million ha (whereas in 25.04.2016 was planted 2,023 million hectares or 45% of plan)
  • sunflower 1.8 million hectares or 33% from the forecast of 5.4 million hectares,
  • soy 100 thousand hectares or 5% of the expected 1.9 million hectares
  • sugar beet 284 thousand hectares or 97% of the expected 293 thousand hectares.