Sowing 2017: the pace of work is inferior to last year

2017-05-17 12:05:58
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Sowing 2017: the pace of work is inferior to last year

As of may 16, domestic farmers sowed grains and legumes on 90% of the planned sowing areas, which is 6,526 million hectares, whereas at the same date last year the figure stood at 6,692 million hectares - agriculture Ministry reports.


Early grains planted 98% of the forecast of 2.31 million hectares, in particular:


  • barley – 95% or 1,561 million hectares
  • oats – 95% or 197 thousand hectares,
  • wheat – 96% or 171 thousand hectares
  • peas – 115% or 381 thousand hectares.


Continues sowing of oilseed crops now sown,

  • sunflower – 89% of the planned or 4.8 million hectares,
  • soy – 76% or 1,483 million hectares.


in addition, on a specified date planted:

  • corn – 90% of the forecast or 4,037 million hectares
  • buckwheat is 43% or 63 thousand hectares
  • millet – 38% or 30 hectares
  • sugar beet – 105% or 308 thousand hectares.


due to frosts that occurred in the last week of the farmers of Kyiv, Poltava and Cherkasy regions reported damage to corn seedlings. However, the majority of farmers considers that the improvement in the weather conditions that happens now will help the crop to recover, although some space will have to be passaged.


In Russia, spring grains sown for 49.9% of the planned areas, or 26.3 million hectares, whereas last year on the same date the figure was 28.9 million hectares.


the Current pace of planting in USA also lagged behind last year, but over the past week the farmers were able to reach the level of the five-year average of the index.