Stronger demand supported the prices of sunflower oil

2017-05-03 12:01:41
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Stronger demand supported the prices of sunflower oil

amid rising markets, soybean and palm oil during the week, sunflower oil rose $10/t In Europe on umowa CIF Rotterdam sunflower oil price increased to 785-795 $/t


Ukraine is also experiencing an increase in demand for unrefined sunflower oil. Buyers note that this trend is peculiar to a later period, when the seasonal decline in stocks of oil price increases demand.


As of April 28 compared to the previous day's bid price increased by $5/MT to the level 725-730 $/MT on FOB basis for shipments in June-August.


According to Gostamsluzhby stocks of sunflower seed in Ukraine on 01.04.2017 year amounted to 3,881 million tons, which is 45% higher than the balances on 01.04.2016 g 2,679 million tons.


However, the manufacturers still hold the party of the sunflower, forcing processors to increase zakupivli prices, especially for large volumes. Some buyers to replenish stocks of raw materials raised prices to 11300-11400 UAH/t on the basis of the CPT-plant, as the supply of sunflower decreased due to lower prices last week.


Analysts expect the increase in supply in the domestic market after the completion of the sowing campaign that will increase pressure on prices.


Now the price of sunflower remains at

  • 10600-10800 UAH/t on the Franco-elevators,
  • 10900-11400 UAH/t at the plant.