Despite the slowdown in production prices for rapeseed fall

2019-10-21 12:09:38
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Despite the slowdown in production prices for rapeseed fall

In its October report, USDA the global rapeseed production was reduced compared with the September estimate by 1 million tons to 68,57 million tonnes, which is 5% lower than in 2018/19 Mr.


the Largest rapeseed production will be reduced in the EU from 14% to of 17.15 mln t and in Canada by 4% to 19.5 million tonnes, However, due to significant delays of the canola harvest in Canada, yield losses can increase. India will also reduce rapeseed production by 4% to 7.7 million tons, while China will increase by 2% to 13.1 million tons.


But experts USDA do not expect a significant reduction in the production of rapeseed meal and oil, which would lead to higher prices, demand. Low prices of other oilseeds and the falling demand for canola from China keep rising prices for rapeseed from the beginning of the season.


Futures on rapeseed in Paris on 8 October rose to the highest since the beginning of the season level 388,25 €/t, however, in the next two weeks due to the strengthening of the Euro and under pressure of falling prices for rapeseed oil lost 11€/t on Friday they traded at 377,75 €/t or 421,6 $/t. Prices for rapeseed oil in the Netherlands because of low demand during this period fell to 786 €/t DM FOB for shipments in November-January.


as a Result of low demand from China on canola futures in September fell to the lowest in the season level 440 CAD/t or 332 $/ton, however, due to the increased demand from the EU against the background of reduction of the forecast of the crop and delayed harvesting, they recovered to 462,4 CAD/t or 352,1 $/t


In Ukraine, purchasing prices for rape in the beginning of the season was 405 $/t CPT, but due to the forecast of rapeseed crop at 3.7-3.9 million tons fell to 395 $/t. However, after harvest gross yield estimated at 3.1 million tonnes, and revised October statistics 3.3 million tons.


the price of rapeseed last week declined with the reduction in demand from exporters, who are completing programs in anticipation of the abolition from 1 January refund of VAT on exports of rape. Purchase prices last week fell in port before 395-400 $/t or 11900-12000 UAH/t


the Data to reduce the planting acreage of rapeseed in Ukraine and the unsatisfactory condition of crops has not yet supported the price of the future harvest, as the weather in the EU contributes to the sowing of winter oilseed rape.

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