Despite the rapid growth of world wheat prices in Ukraine they remain stable

2021-09-16 12:07:43
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Despite the rapid growth of world wheat prices in Ukraine they remain stable

Yesterday, wheat quotes on world stock exchanges continued to grow and rose in price by another 2% on forecasts of a decrease in the harvest in Canada, France, Kazakhstan, as well as against the background of increased exports.


But in Ukraine, purchase prices for wheat remain in ports at the level of 2 278-280/ton or 7400-7450 UAH/ton. traders are in no hurry to raise prices, as producers have stepped up sales, trying to free warehouses from wheat on the eve of harvesting sunflower and corn. Most exporters buy only food wheat, but have increased the requirements for full weight to at least 750 g/l.


In my 2021/22, Ukraine exported 6.4 million tons as of September 15, which is 4% lower than last year's pace. The country still has a significant amount of wheat for export, but it should be taken into account that the share of food wheat in the current season will be 50% or 16-17 million tons, so taking into account domestic consumption in the range of 6-7 million tons, 10-12 million tons of food wheat remain free for export.


Black Sea wheat futures on Chicago SWOT rose again:

  • September-by 1 1 / ton to 3 304.25 / ton,
  • December-by 3 3.5/ton to 3 312.25 / ton.


They are supported by the high level of prices for Black Sea wheat with delivery in September – October at the level of F 295-305/ton FOB. In Russia, as of September 15, 70.8 million tons of wheat were threshed from 24.5 million hectares or 86% of the area with a yield of 2.89 t/ha (3.15 t/ha last year).


December US futures rose yesterday:

  • by 4 4.26 / ton to Чикаго 261.6/ton for soft winter SRW wheat in Chicago,
  • by 5 5.14 / ton to H 263/ton for hard winter HRW wheat in Kansas City,
  • by 6 6.43/ton to.332.4 / ton for hard spring HRS wheat in Minneapolis.


Traders expect increased export sales of wheat from the United States, which is now the most competitive in some markets.


  • December wheat futures on Paris ' Euronext rose another €5.5/ton yesterday to €248.5/ton or € 296.48/ton, adding 4.5% for the week as a whole.


The market is supported by high rates of European wheat exports and forecasts of a decrease in the harvest and wheat exports from France.

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