Buyers are actively buying up cheap wheat

2016-04-15 13:26:44
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Buyers are actively buying up cheap wheat

this week the European Committee for cereals has approved export licenses to third countries 1.15 million tons of soft wheat. This volume in 2,5 times exceeds an indicator of last week and 43% higher than the average of the last 4 weeks. Moreover, it is the largest weekly volume licenses for the entire season 2015/16 MG. The share of French wheat at this rate is 33.5 %, whereas last week it was equal to 57 %.

Since the beginning of the season the total volume of export licences for wheat amounted to $ 23,77 million tons, which is 10% less than was issued on the same date last year. The previous week behind last year's pace of exports has reached 12 %.

the Weekly feed barley exports amounted to 283 thousand tons, which is 3 times higher than in the previous week and 73% greater than average the last 4 weeks. The share of French manufacturers in this volume had increased to 13.4 % versus 2.2% last week.

since the beginning of the season issued licenses for export 8.4 million tonnes of feed barley, which is 16 % higher than the previous year. Last week the volume of issued licenses exceeded last year's value by 17 %.