The deterioration of the yield supports the sunflower market

2017-09-28 12:22:45
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The deterioration of the yield supports the sunflower market

against the background of growing harvesting sunflowers is uncertainty in yield and seed quality.


As of 26.09.17 from 3.08 thousand hectares (52% of area) harvested 5,677 million tonnes of sunflower with a yield of 1.84 t/ha.


after a week of sunflower harvesting has accelerated, the gap between last year decreased by 2.6%, and the yield fell by 14%.


the Experts of "APK-inform" has reduced the forecast of sunflower production in comparison with the previous report, from 14 to 13.8 million tonnes, down from 14.9 million tonnes the previous season. The adjustment was carried out on the basis of data on the harvesting campaign, which testify to the deterioration of yield of sunflower in some regions of Ukraine by 10-20%.


deterioration of sunflower seeds that would adversely affect the volume of oil production in 2017/18 MG. In particular, there is a large number of hollow seeds and reducing oil content to 42-44% vs. last year's 45% and above.


As of 01.09.17 sunflower stocks in Ukraine amounted to 672 thousand tonnes, which is 5% less than it was at the beginning of the 2016/17 season.


the Processors are actively buying sunflower seeds. Decrease in quotations of sunflower oil has not yet affected the purchasing prices for sunflower. And the devaluation of the hryvnia to of 26.47-26,49 UAH/$, on the contrary, promotes the growth of hryvnia prices.


As of 28.09.17 of demand prices for sunflower CPT-plant is 10450-11000 UAH/t, but some refiners have begun to reduce prices on the basis of the CM-farm, Franco-Elevator.