South America strengthens its position in the world agricultural market

2018-04-20 12:24:49
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South America strengthens its position in the world agricultural market

the Representative MD Commodities in a speech at the conference "Grain Prychornomor I-2018," said that in 2018/19 Mr South America will increase production of soybeans in 11-16% to 200 million tons.


the Main producer and exporter of soybeans in the region will be Brazil, which annually raises more than 110 million tons of soybeans. In 2014/15 my the country exported 52% of the soybean crop in 2016/17 MG – already 59%, and in season 2017/18 sells on world markets 61% of the produced soybeans that will be of 68.5 million tonnes In March 2018 soybean exports grew to 10.75 million tons against 9.5 million tons in March 2017.


Exports of Brazilian corn in the 1st quarter of 2018, twice as many as in the same period last year. For 2017, the country exported over 30 million tons of corn, and the 2018 will be announced in December, as the main shipments will take place in the second half, when markets will be grain of the second crop.


Brazil was partially able to solve the logistical problems at export of agricultural products, in particular due to the shipment of grains in the ports of the "Northern arch", the transportation cost which is much lower than in the southern ports of the Eastern coast of the country, and the terms of cargo to Europe and China for 5-7 days less. So, the cost of transporting grain from Mato Grosso to the Northern port of Itaqui is $40/ton, and to the southern port of Santos – 88 $/t

As a result, 6 ports North of the arch" increased soybean exports from 4 million tonnes in 2011 to 19 million tons in 2017, that is 334%, while other state-owned ports increased export of soybean by 71% from 29 to 49 million t. in addition, the ports of the "Northern arch" for 6 years in a 14.6-fold increase in corn exports.