After the recent fall of the purchase price of sunflower rose again

2021-03-25 12:05:41
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After the recent fall of the purchase price of sunflower rose again

After a sharp drop last week, the purchase price of sunflower in Ukraine started to grow again, since a significant increase in the price of soybean oil has supported the price of sunflower oil.


May futures for soybean oil on the Chicago CBOT yesterday rose by 1% to 1263 $/t, just three days adding to the price of 7%. The price of sunflower oil, responded to this growth, while futures on malaysisch palm oil has not changed.


the increase in the price of soybean oil helps to restore the oil price, which after the fall on Tuesday at 6% yesterday rose to the front of the level.


Prices for Ukrainian sunflower oil after the recent decline to 1500-1550 $/t FOB for two days rose to 1550-1600 $/t FOB, which led to another surge in the price of sunflower.


However, the rise in prices of sunflower inhibits the reduction of demand prices for sunflower meal for the week decreased with 285-290 $/t FOB to 270-275 $/t FOB, but a month ago I reached 340-350 $/t FOB.


Purchase prices for Ukrainian sunflower after falling to 22000-22800 UAH/t again rose to 23000-23500 UAH/t or 825-840 $/t with delivery to the plant.


In a period of declining prices for sunflower oil manufacturers stopped selling, but on the background of another price hike proposals will be minimal because the sellers will wait for the return of prices to the maximum level 26500-27000 UAH/t or 950-970 $/t


As of March 1, 2021, stocks of sunflower in Ukraine decreased compared to the same period increased 31% to 3.62 million tons, so the prize for the sunflower oil will stay relatively high, and in the event of a further rise in price of soya oil prices on sunflower oil again can reach 1700 $/t FOB.

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