The results of the grain export season 2015/16 in Ukraine

2016-07-14 14:11:31
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The results of the grain export season 2015/16 in Ukraine

News Agencythe Phoenix" summed up the grain export from Ukraine in season 2015/16. The result achieved is somewhat less for the announced by the Ministry of agrarian policy preliminary assessment of export 39 million tons of grain. However, it is 16.5% higher than the previous season and is 37.8 million tons of grain and 298 thousand tons of flour, which is a record value for Ukraine.


a Feature of this season was the fact that the share of wheat amounted to 43.4 % of total exports for my 2009/10 exceeded the share of exported corn (43%), which is usually considered to be the undoubted favorite of foreign trade. In General, during the export season Ukraine exported 16.5 million tons of wheat, which is an absolute record for the country. Record became and flour exports, which amounted to nearly 300 thousand tons. The volume of exported barley was the largest in the last decade and amounted to 4.4 million tonnes or 11.6% of the total exports of grain. The record on export of barley was in season 2009/10 my, when it was sold to a third country of 6.2 million. The exports of corn amounted to 16.5 million.


the Changes affected not only the structure and volume of grain exports, but the ratings exporters. The leader of the previous season SP "NIBULON" has fallen to third place, replaced by state food that exported more than 2.8 million tons of grain. The second position is occupied by "kernel". The top five has risen from 6 and 7 subsidiaries of "Cargill" and "noble". Overall, the share of the top ten exporters in total exports of grain amounted to 70%.


In the first 9 months of the season 2015/16 Ukraine has retained the leading position in the export of sunflower oil, having 3.4 million tons of products and to develop 3.8 million tons of oil.


Continues to decline the production of rapeseed. In 2013 managed to raise 2.4 million ton, in 2014 – 2.2 million ton in 2015 to 1.8 million. The rape export totaled 1.5 million tons.


the General production of soybeans amounted to 3.7 million tons, of which 2.0 million tons were sold for export. It is expected that in the season 2015/16, the production of soybean meal/cake will rise relative to the previous season by 25% to USD 953 thousand tons. Exports of soybean meal/cake will amount to 370 thousand tons and 1.7 times higher than the indicators for 2014/15.


Since the beginning of season 2015/16, Ukraine exported 2.6 mln tonnes of sunflower meal, which was a record figure for the same period of the last five seasons.



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