The results of the collection will determine the trend of corn prices

2018-11-05 12:10:31
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The results of the collection will determine the trend of corn prices

Dry weather contributes to the harvesting of corn in the major producing countries.


the Dry conditions speeded up the ripening of the harvest in France, however, reduced the yield that the production of maize declined compared to the previous year by 14%. Now threshed 96% of the area under maize compared to 85% at that date in 2017


In the United States, farmers have completed harvesting of soybeans and actively took up the corn, the rate of harvest which is ahead of last year. Little precipitation that weekend, slowing the collection, however, further dry weather with frost will allow him to intensify.


Experts of Informa Economics lowered its estimates of corn yield in the United States in 2018 in comparison with the October forecast of 1 bushel to the 179,7 bushels/acre.


After trump statements about normalization of relations with China, futures on corn grew by 0.9%, while soybeans rose by just 5%.


the corn Market remains under pressure from abundant harvest in the United States and Ukraine on the background of insignificant demand from importers. Experts expect increase in demand from China, which last year sold more than 100 million tonnes of corn from state reserves that significantly reduced stocks of grain.


In Ukraine, with 72% of the area harvested 23.1 million MT of corn with a record yield of 7.05 t/ha. However, due to low demand, purchasing prices in the ports remain at 145-149 $/t


USDA predicts that due to the reduction of the sowing area of soybeans U.S. farmers will increase in 2019, the acreage under maize to 92 million acres to 88 million acres in 2018, what will be the maximum of the last 10 years. In Ukraine will reduce soybean crops due to low export demand and falling prices.


the Increase in acreage of corn of the new harvest will put pressure on prices in the second half of the season and will not allow them to recover to the level of spring 2018.


Brazil through lower demand and prices has reduced export of maize in comparison with the previous year by 36% to 3.2 million tonnes and reduce the acreage under this crop, making increase of the sowing area of soybeans, boosted by strong demand for it.

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