Periodic increase in the price of soy and palm oil continues to heat up the price of sunflower oil

2021-02-26 12:05:04
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Periodic increase in the price of soy and palm oil continues to heat up the price of sunflower oil

In vegetable oil markets is changing almost daily leader price growth. On the eve of the soybean oil rose in price, and the palm was cheaper, but yesterday the situation was reversed.


Periodical the rise in prices of soybean, the palm oil prices support for Ukrainian sunflower oil, which reached a record 1500 $/t FOB.


behind the market of soybean oil may futures for palm oil on the stock exchange in Malaysia yesterday rose by 3.7% to 3784 ringgit/t or 937 $/t, although the prospect of increasing the production of export growth of the Malaysian oil is expected less than last month.


Yesterday on world markets experienced a decline in oil prices, and in the US stock indices 1.75 to 3.5 percent, following a fall in the value of superheated shares of technology companies. For example, shares of Tesla, which for the year increased by 8 times in the last two weeks has fallen by 28%. In case of further reducing the cost of overvalued us stocks, commodity markets may also be significantly affected.


yesterday On the Chicago CBOT March futures for soybean oil remained at the level 1122 $/t, as may fell by 2% to 1081 $/t, followed by falling prices for March and may contracts for soybeans 2.5% up to 512 $/t


On the stock exchange in Dalian futures palm oil rose 2.3% to 1178 $/ton, and soy – 2.5 percent to 1,355 $/t FOB.


Periodical rise in prices of soybean and palm oil continues to heat up prices for Ukrainian sunflower oil. So, yesterday, bid prices exceeded a new record level of 1500 $/t FOB, and the demand for delivery in March and April, rose to 1440-1460 $/t FOB.


After the price of oil sunflower prices for the week increased by UAH 1000-1500/ton, almost stopped sales from manufacturers, which already dreaming of record 1000 $/t on the background of the current level 24700-25000 UAH/t or 870-890 $/ton (with VAT) delivered to the factory.


However, farmers need to consider that the price of the meal, remain stable, and corn – reduced. In addition, as of February 1, the stock of sunflower in Ukraine amounted to 7.2 million tonnes, or almost half of the harvested crop. And aktiviziruyutsya sharply in March amid the seasonal increase proposals in the period of sowing campaign and given the reduction in the VAT rate from 20% to 14%.

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