Processors restrain the growth of prices for sunflower seeds in Ukraine

2018-02-21 12:14:31
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Processors restrain the growth of prices for sunflower seeds in Ukraine

small rise in the dollar has not yet been possible to resume purchasing prices for sunflower, which fell after a rapid strengthening of the hryvnia on the interbank market. Processors do not hurry to raise prices, trying to buy raw materials as cheaply as possible, while exporters of grain immediately adjust the purchase price depending on the change rate on the interbank market.


With the approach of spring, the number of sunflower seeds from producers grew, but the purchase price at the factory at the level of 11300-11500 UAH / t does not suit producers that compare with the prices for soybeans and rape, which are purchased in the range of 12500-13000 UAH / t in the port.


the Fall in world prices for vegetable oils increases competition and reduces demand for sunflower oil. Processors do not hope for a rise in price of oil in the near future, so keep the growth of purchasing prices for sunflower oil.


Experts Oil World forecast a decline in world production of sunflower in the 2017/18 season from 48.52 million tons against 49,94 million tonnes in 2016/17 MG.


in Particular, the evaluation of the sunflower crop for Ukraine reduced from 15.1 to 13.2 million tons, for Russia – from 11.6 to 10.6 million tons at the same time for the EU forecast increased to 9.74 million tons, which will exceed the record of the 2014/15 9.05 mln t, for Argentina with 3.3 to 3.5 million tons, China – from 2.75 to 2.8 million tonnes, Turkey – from 1.47 to 1.7 million tonnes, which will be the largest harvest in the last 4 seasons.