The falling dollar supported the price of wheat

2017-05-18 12:18:23
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The falling dollar supported the price of wheat

growing instability in the administration of the tramp led to the collapse of the financial markets and the depreciation of the dollar.


After two days of decline on the eve of Wednesday of stock quotes of the American wheat turned up.


the Reduction of the dollar to the lowest in the last six months has made U.S. grain more competitive on world markets, as evidenced by the victory of US wheat in the Egyptian tender on may 17. The last time the American wheat was defeated in Egypt over two years ago.


Support prices have fears for the fate of the future harvest termoservice wheat. Overly wet weather which will last until the first week of June, will adversely affect the quality and yield of wheat.


the July wheat prices in the U.S. rose

  • in Chicago 1.0 $/t to 156,9 $/t for SRW soft winter-wheat,
  • in Kansas city is 0.7 $/t 156,7 up to $/t for solid winter HRW-wheat,
  • in Minneapolis 0.5 $/ton to 198,8 $/t on a firm spring HRS wheat.


due to the growth prospects of the EU economy the Euro against the dollar rose to a ratio 1,1117, which led to the rise in prices of agricultural products on Euronext and reducing the competitiveness of European grain.

  • the Price of wheat on Euronext rose by 0.5 Euro/ton to 166,75 EUR/t or 185,79 $/t


In Ukraine, traders have almost never buy wheat old crop and declare the following prices on wheat of the new harvest in Porto:

  • milling wheat 4600-4650 UAH/t, or 150 $/t,
  • feed 4500 UAH/t or 145 $/t