Precipitation and cool air to lower prices for soy and canola.

2017-08-01 14:35:57
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Precipitation and cool air to lower prices for soy and canola.

Precipitation and the establishment of normal temperatures in the US reduced the risks for crops of soybeans and corn.


Dry weather prevails only in North and South Dakota, which is grown mainly spring wheat.


In Chicago the price of soybeans fell to 366 $/ton, and the price of canola - up to 506 CAD/t or 404,8 $/t


Strategie Grains increased its forecast for production of oilseeds with the EU in the 2017/18 season compared to last season from 32.06 million tonnes to 33.03 million tons, in particular rapeseed by 8% to 21.91 million tons, sunflower - by 3% to 8.5 million t, soybean by 5.9% to 2.62 million tons.


the Price of rapeseed in Paris under reduced pressure the yield increase and strengthening of Euro. Yesterday price lost 3,25 €/t and stopped at 371,75 €/t (439 $/t).


Prices for Ukrainian rapeseed stabilized at 410-415 $/t or 12500-12750 UAH /t with delivery to the port and 12000-12300 UAH/t on the domestic elevators. Processors offer 12000-12250 UAH/t with delivery to the plant, but are not ready to attract volumes to raise the price because of the strengthening of the hryvnia against the dollar reduced the margin for the processing.