Limitations of corn exports from Ukraine to 24 million tonnes will not impact on domestic and world prices

2021-01-26 12:04:41
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Limitations of corn exports from Ukraine to 24 million tonnes will not impact on domestic and world prices

Yesterday, representatives of the Ministry of economic development together with grain market participants agreed to limit exports of corn in 2020/21 MG at 24 million tonnes, which will soon be reflected in the Memorandum of understanding. If necessary, the volume of export may be revised after the publication of official statistical data on the grain harvest in 2020


the economy Ministry reported that in 2020/21 MG Ukraine will collect a near-record 30.3 million tons of corn, so the deficit of grain on domestic market will not be like the problems with exports.


As of 20 January, the export of maize from Ukraine totaled 10.7 million tons, which is 32% less than the corresponding indicator 2019/20 Mr.


the Main importer of domestic corn was China, which increased purchases, compared to the same period 2019/20 MG in 2.8 times up to 4 million tonnes while the second largest buyer of Ukrainian corn – the European Union has reduced purchases by 40% to 3.2 million tons.


Just 2020/21 MG EU countries reduced the import of maize compared to previous season by 26% to 9.5 million tonnes, of which 4.4 million tons were purchased in Brazil. The high price of Ukrainian corn will reduce its share in European imports.


Following Friday's collapse of stock quotes purchase prices for maize in Ukraine since Monday has decreased in port before 238-242 $/t or 8050-8250 UAH/t


the March corn futures on the stock exchange in Chicago yesterday resumed 4.3 $/t up to 200, 4 $/t on data on exports of corn from the United States, who last week increased by 52% to 1.39 million tons in Total in 2020/21 MG USA exported 18.7 million tons predicted by the USDA of 65 million tonnes, which is 84% higher than the corresponding figure 2019/20 Mr. However, to achieve the weekly forecast, the country needs to export 1.5 million tonnes of corn.


New crop from Argentina and the increase in supply from Ukraine and the USA in March – April on higher production forecasts in the United States in the new season than with a current from 360 to 395 to 397 million tons soon increase the pressure on world corn prices.

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