Low stocks of sunflower seed in Ukraine boost the price

2020-11-24 12:07:18
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Low stocks of sunflower seed in Ukraine boost the price

According to the state statistics service, as of November 1, 2020, the stocks of sunflower seed in Ukraine totaled 7243,2 thousand tons, whereas at the same date in 2019, they reached 8759,8 thousand tons.


thus, in comparison with the previous season, the stocks of sunflower decreased


at the agricultural enterprises 4857 to 4092 tons

  • the enterprises for storage and processing with 3902,8 to 3150,7 kt,


As of November 24, in Ukraine completed the harvesting of sunflower, of which 6.4 million hectares produced 13 million tons with an average yield of 2 t/ha. Experts believe that taking into account not credited by private farms sunflower total harvest may amount to 13.5-14 million tons.


Dimensions "to Ukroliaprom" reduced the forecast of sunflower production in Ukraine to 13.25 million tons


Recall that in 2019, the sunflower seed production in Ukraine increased compared to 2018 by 7.8% to 15,268 million tonnes, while the area sown declined by 3.4% to 5958,6 thousand hectares and the average yield of 2.56 t/ha.


the Purchase prices for sunflower seeds continued to grow rapidly, and in two days grew by 1000 UAH/t to 19000-19500 UAH/t with delivery to the plant. However, the supply remains low, which intensifies the struggle between the processors for each market party.


Rise in price of soybean and sunflower oil in the last time, it was one of the factors of growth of prices for sunflower oil, but adjust quotations for soya beans and oil on the stock exchanges of the USA will limit the further growth of prices for sunflower oil and sunflower.

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