Despite falling demand, the speculators support the stock price of the wheat

2017-04-28 12:15:23
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Despite falling demand, the speculators support the stock price of the wheat

At the Paris wheat exchange of the fourth trading day in a row, the growth of quotations.


on Thursday pressured the market factors a record of the world's reserves and increase the government of Morocco is the largest buyer of French wheat, the import duty on wheat from 30% to 135%.


However, the impact of adverse weather conditions on exchanges in the U.S. and Europe were stronger. Over the territory of the EU remains cold and dry weather, and precipitation that is forecasted, can be not sufficient.


  • May futures milling wheat on MATIF rose 0.50 Euro/ton to 161,75 Euro/ton or 182,35 $/t


In the United States during the week were exported only 61,67 thousand tons of wheat, while the figure of the previous week amounted to 414 thousand tons. However, even a failed export, did not prevent the increase prices for U.S. wheat.


the market worried about the fate of future crops, in particular, solid HRW wheat, as in some areas of the States of Kansas and Nebraska frost hit, but forecasters expect a further decrease of temperature.


the May wheat futures in the U.S.

  • in Chicago by 2.11 $/tonne to 151,93 $/tones on soft winter SRW wheat,
  • in Kansas city 3.12 $/tonne to 154,60 $/tone on a solid winter HRW-wheat,
  • in Minneapolis 0.83 $/tonne to 198,41 $/tone on a solid spring HRS wheat.


Weather in Ukraine promotes good development of winter wheat, so the forward price for August supplies remain at 150-155 $/t


the Remains of wheat in 01.04.2017 year amounted to 4.98 mn tons against of 6.28 mln tonnes at 01.04.2016.


due to the reduction of demand for wheat traders reduce the purchase price, not to enter the new season with big remnants of the expensive wheat.


Today, in the ports of Ukraine for wheat offer:

  • 2 grade 162-165 $/ton or 4900-5250 UAH/t,
  • 3 grade 160-164 $/ton or 4900-5200 UAH/t,
  • feed 158-160 $/ton or 4700-5050 UAH/t