National Bank lifted restrictions on the foreign exchange market

2017-05-31 12:19:04
Machine translation
National Bank lifted restrictions on the foreign exchange market

the national Bank continued to pursue the liberalization of the foreign exchange market in the country.


According to the press service of the institution, now lifted the ban on the purchase of foreign currency by the customers who have the accounts own funds in the sum more than 100 thousand dollars.


Banks are allowed to perform currency exchange on the interbank and interbank foreign exchange market without restrictions in respect to the group of classifier of foreign currencies and banking metals.


These changes take effect from 31 may 2017.


Also since June 12, 2017 will be the restriction on the transfer by individuals of funds outside Ukraine for non-profit operations, which previously were not supposed to exceed 150 thousand UAH.


To further support the Ukrainian currency market while the national Bank has upheld the requirement of mandatory sale to legal entities 50% of foreign exchange earnings from abroad.


In the interbank trading yesterday was 482 transactions totaling 221,24 $ million at weighted average rate 26,3645 UAH/$. The hryvnia strengthened to the level of 26.29/26,32 UAH/$. National Bank participation in auction did not accept.