The NBU supported the dollar on the interbank market

2018-03-14 12:04:51
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The NBU supported the dollar on the interbank market

Yesterday the participants of the interbank foreign exchange market expected further strengthening of the hryvnia to the level of 25.8 UAH/$. The prerequisite for this was a large volume of mandatory sales of foreign currency accumulated during 8-9 and March 12, in conducting a Ministry of Finance auction bonds. However, contrary to expectations, the dollar went up.


In early trading, the Bank announced an auction to repurchase $ 100 million at the rate of clipping 25,93 UAH/$ provided until 10:30 three concurrent filings of the banks. Of the proposed Bank 114,8 million$, the NBU bought 74,9 million $, what, in fact, saved the dollar from falling.


Traders realized that the national Bank will not allow the dollar to fall below the level of 25.9 UAH/$ and started to swing the course, so at the end of trading the dollar rose to 25.94/25,98 UAH/$.


the trading Volume had reached an unusual level 419,18 million $ at the weighted average exchange 25,9159 UAH/$.


the dollar during today's trading will depend on future actions by the NBU, as the supply of currency will be significant.