The national Bank kept the growth rate on the interbank market

2017-09-01 12:06:32
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The national Bank kept the growth rate on the interbank market

Last day of summer cemented the change of trend on the interbank foreign exchange market. If after poprzedniego jump in the dollar to 25, and 58/25,60 was still hope for a course correction, then on Thursday they finally disappeared.


From the start of trading, the demand considerably exceeded the offer, so the dollar of 25, and 58 declarative/25,60 rose to 25,66/25,68 with a tendency to further growth.


Sellers played a "to improve" and did not declare full sales, waiting for the maximum growth rate. After 11 hours, the dollar crossed the psychological border of 25.70/of 25.73. It became clear that to hold the exchange rate can only the intervention of the regulator.


After 11:30, the NBU announced an auction for the sale of 70 million $. To 12 hours, the banks had to submit 3 competitive bids, most of them did.


After 12 it became known the outcome of the auction: when bids of banks 53.3 million $ NBU sold is 44.3 million $ on cut off price is not below 25,68 UAH/$. Most of the demand was closed and the market has stabilized. From 13 hours the exchange rate stood at the level of 25.69/25,72, and by the close of trading, the dollar was trading within 25,67-25,69/25,70-25,72.


Obviously, the dollar will once again continue to regain the lost summer positions.


during the session the dollar traded within 25,647-25,7002, however most major transactions were youdina in the hallway 25,6844-25,7002 UAH/$.


the Major events on the interbank market on 31 August:

the Auction for the sale of 44.3 per $ million at cut-off price is not below 25,68 UAH/$ at the applications of banks to 53.3 million dollars. the

  1. the Rise of the dollar from 25.58/25,60 25,67 to/25,70 UAH/$.
  2. Was 640 transactions worth 452,98 $ million at weighted average rate 25,6940 UAH/$.