The national Bank supported the hryvnia on the interbank market

2018-07-30 12:04:46
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The national Bank supported the hryvnia on the interbank market

on Friday on the interbank market continued the growth trend of the dollar, which began last week, when the daily volume of trading exceeded $ 500 million and kept within such limits for a week.


Due to the active demand rate rose from 26.4 to 26.8 UAH/$ that has allowed speculators to continue to play for a raise.


Typically, the volume of interbank trades does not exceed 350-400 million $, and on Friday even more reduced. However, last Friday, the volume of transactions reached 585,04 $ million, which indicates a possible increase in demand for the current week. It will be clear then, whether the national Bank to keep the hryvnia exchange rate.


on Friday, the national Bank sold approximately $ 30 million through the Matching system, so the dollar rate stayed at the level of 26.74/26,77 UAH/$. The big players understood that the ruble will not grow, and began to sell the currency, then the dollar dropped to 26.71/26,74 UAH/$.


Today most buy currency owners 3-6 month t-bills, which in January-February to buy them start currency than lowered the rate from 28.8 to 26.6 UAH/$, and now the funds received are transferred into dollars for withdrawal abroad.


this week the national Bank will demonstrate the ability to restrict the jumps of the dollar on the back of increased demand for the currency, given the seasonal increase of currency revenues by exporters of agricultural products.

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