The national Bank supported the national currency on the level of 26.90 UAH/$

2017-02-24 12:06:38
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The national Bank supported the national currency on the level of 26.90 UAH/$

on Thursday at the interbank foreign exchange market continued strengthening of the hryvnia. With the approaching timing of the budget payments for several major exporters came to selling currency on the backdrop of moderate demand has led to an excess of offers over demand from the beginning of trading.


As a result, with morning quotes 26,91/led light bulbs 26,95 by 11:00, the dollar fell to 26.87/26,89 and continued to fall further. The NBU took the opportunity to replenish the gold reserves, and announced at 11:30 auction to repurchase up to 50 million dollars. Banks could submit three bids.


At 11:40 was declared the first results of the auction. NBU bought currency at cut-off price is not higher 26,93 UAH/$. The market responded to peradaban growth of dollar quotations to 26.90/26,93 UAH. When bidding banks 15.7 million $ NBU has acquired 12.5 million dollars, but this amount is allowed to balance demand and supply in the market.


After lunch, and by the end of trading, the dollar was trading in the corridor 26,88-26,89/26,92 UAH.


Ended the session quotations of 26.88/26,92. The majority of transactions concluded in the corridor 26,8945-26,906 UAH/$. Some operations (most operations of the auction) was within to 26.93 UAH.


the Major events on the interbank market on February 23.


the national Bank of the auction, where the bids of banks at 15.7 million, $ 12.5 million was repurchased $ on cut off price is not higher 26,93 UAH/$. the

  • the Decline of the dollar from 26.91/led light bulbs 26,95 UAH to 26.88/26,92 before the end of the auction.
  • Was 564 transactions in the amount of 312,86 million dollars.