At the end of the week the dollar on the interbank market fell to 24 and 78 UAH/$

2019-09-16 12:19:26
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At the end of the week the dollar on the interbank market fell to 24 and 78 UAH/$

Last week on the interbank market the dollar became cheaper under the pressure of the growth proposals of the currency. Market participants expect a significant decline in the exchange rate on Tuesday when the Ministry of Finance held an auction for the sale of government bonds, where the securities sold by 2.86 billion and $ 500 million. But on Thursday, the currency declined the most, to 24.7 UAH/$.


on Friday Morning offer has once again significantly exceeded demand, so the exchange rate since the beginning of the session dipped to 24.55-24,60 UAH/$. The national Bank through the Matching system is immediately repurchased $ 500 million at the rate of 24.74 UAH/$, but this did not deter the exchange rate and the dollar since the morning of 24.70/of 24.74 UAH/ USD fell to 24.65/24,68 UAH/$. Then, the national Bank entered the market a second time and at 24,68 UAH/$ acquired all of the surplus currency, so that the background operations of the real buyers who were expecting further declines, the rate started to grow and at the end of the auction amounted to $ 24,78/24,815 UAH/$.


Macroeconomic indicators reduce speculative pressure on the exchange rate. Budget revenues in 8 months increased in comparison with the previous year by 7.7% to 594,1 billion UAH, which is of 95.15 from the plan. When the VAT on internal operations is a shortfall of 13.5% of the planned VAT on imports – by 12.4%, the rental fee for use of mineral resources of 15.6%, revenues from profits and dividends is 19.6%, excise tax of 21.2%.


the Main reason I consider the difference of the hryvnia, which has budgeted-2019 (28,20 UAH/$) and the actual, which in January-August 2019 was 26.6 UAH/$.


Government loans on the General Fund of the state budget in January-August amounted to 318,8 billion, and payments on the public debt for the period totaled 262,7 billion.


Yesterday, the government presented a draft budget for 2020, which plans to increase loans up to UAH 380 billion for payments on state debt in the amount of 438,1 billion, of which 292,9 billion UAH will be used to repay debt and 145.2 billion UAH – on service. The new budget includes a forecast exchange rate of 28.2 UAH/$.

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