Soon the markets of crops to be under the influence of weather conditions in the United States, Argentina and Brazil

2021-02-26 12:06:36
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Soon the markets of crops to be under the influence of weather conditions in the United States, Argentina and Brazil

little precipitation on crops of winter crops in the USA,dry weather in Argentina and the decrease in the intensity of rains in Brazil over the next 7-10 days will remain the main factors of influence on the prices of crops.


On the Southern Plains of the United States during the week will be little precipitation in the form of snow or rain, but mainly the weather will remain dry, especially in the North and West of the region, which can adversely affect winter wheat that autumn has suffered from drought.


In the Northern plains cold weather without precipitation will exacerbate dry phenomenon on the eve of the spring sowing.


In the Midwestern United States a large amount of winter precipitation formed sufficient for sowing soybean and maize moisture reserves, and the winter wheat crop was protected by a layer of snow. Within 7-10 days, there will be little precipitation and the air warms up, that will accelerate the recovery of vegetation.


Powerful rains in the Central and Northern Brazil, delay harvest of soybeans and corn second crop. But during the week the intensity will decrease, which will speed up the harvest. Despite the delay of sowing, the experts improve the predictions of the corn crop. After a survey of 11 agencies experts Reuters increased the forecast of corn production by 5.7 million tons to 108.2 million tonnes, compared to the USDA estimated 109 million tonnes.


Recent precipitation in Argentina has allowed analysts to increase the assessment of the production of soybeans and corn. However, the predicted next week's dry and hot weather may reduce the yield of these crops as periodic change of rainfall, with long periods of drought adversely affects the crops. Rains in Argentina takes 10-14 days, and by the time the dry weather will contribute to the speculative rise in prices for soybeans and corn.


In the southern and Central districts of Russia are expected to be abundant precipitation in the form of rain and snow, which will increase the amount of moisture in the winter crops. Temperature -2...+5 degrees will contribute to the nutrition of plants.


In Ukraine at the weekend will be snowfalls, and Monday the air warms up to -1...+6, and in the South up to +6...+8 degrees, which will allow you to start sowing spring barley.

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