In the domestic market of grain continues to rise in price of soya

2016-06-17 13:05:47
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In the domestic market of grain continues to rise in price of soya

soy Adverse weather conditions in Argentina and the reduction in the gross collection in Brazil support in the world market prices for soybeans. The drop in soybean quotations was observed yesterday on the Chicago stock exchange, was due to the beneficial rainfall that took place in those regions of the United States, where they grow the most soybeans. However, it does not appear on the price of soybeans on the domestic market of Ukraine.


Over the last week the soybeans on the basis of CPT-port went up by 5-10 $/MT, reaching the level of 405-415 $/ton or 11,5-11,7 thousand UAH/tone. If the beans are non-GMO and have a high protein level, traders increase the price to 418-425 $/ton. On the Franco-elevators soy pay 11-11,2 thousand UAH/tone.


Through the increased demand for soybeans old crop buyers voiced interesting offers for soybean new crop, offering her 410-415 $/tonne on the supply conditions CPT-port. In the previous season, the price of soybeans was in the range of 330-340 $/ton.


has undergone a Slight fall in the price of sunflower. Due to the suspension of a number of paranormalnyh plants for scheduled maintenance or as a result of shortage of raw sunflower fell by 100-200 UAH/tone.