On the Ukrainian market continue to grow, the price of soybeans and corn

2016-06-07 13:50:42
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On the Ukrainian market continue to grow, the price of soybeans and corn

At that time, as a second corn crop in Brazil reduced to 49.4 million tons (compared to 54.59 million ton last year), the price of corn on world markets continues to grow.


the upward Trend in the cost of corn remained in Ukraine. Now the prices on the basis of CPT-port reach 173-176 $/ton or 5150-5200 UAH/tone. Such dynamics is caused by decrease of inventories of manufacturers and a reduction in the number of offers of the grain on the background commitments of traders under foreign trade transactions.


Due to the decrease of the soybean crop in Argentina from the expected 60 million tons to 55 million tons the world prices for oilseeds rose to the level of 410-430 $/ton.


the increased demand for soybeans in Ukraine. Throughout the week, prices rose 4-5 $/t on conditions CPT-port has reached its target 375-385 $/ton or 11100-11200 UAH/tone. For high-quality oil without GMO and with a high level of protein to sellers are offered an additional award.


However, export volumes still lower than last year. For September 2015 – April 2016 from Ukraine were exported 1.73 million tons of soybeans, whereas over the same period last season, this figure was 11% more and amounted to 1.94 million tons.


the Main reason for the reduction in the volume of soybean exports has been the growth of domestic processing of oilseeds. Analysts predict that in the season 2015/16 in Ukraine will be processed 1.15 million tons of soybeans, and is by 16% more than was recycled in season 2014/15.