On the Ukrainian market of expensive corn and soybeans and cheaper wheat and barley

2016-06-01 13:20:51
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On the Ukrainian market of expensive corn and soybeans and cheaper wheat and barley

the Trend of increase in the prices of maize remained, prices continued to rise to the level 167-171 dollars or 5050-5100 CPT ports of Ukraine. This increase is due to higher prices in the American market in connection with neurogen in Brazil at 8% and is associated with a decrease in the volume of proposals due to the reduction of stocks of grain from producers.

Continue to grow the world prices for soybeans due to the delayed harvest in Argentina, this provokes an increase in demand and also on Ukrainian soy. Now the prices increased by 3-5 dollars for the week and settled at around $ 370-380/tonne or 10900-10950 USD/ton on terms of delivery CPT port., while Buyers offer a premium price for the soybeans without GMO and with a high protein content.

Prices for rapeseed of the new harvest to grow on the information on the reduction of world production and the price of Ukrainian rapeseed has increased over the week with the $400/tonne to 410 us $/ton under the CRT port.

The decline in prices for food wheat were suspended and settled at around 153-154 $ /t for 3-grade wheat and $ 158-160 /tonne for wheat 2 class.
Traders actively call the price of wheat of the new harvest -$152-153 3клас and $157 and 158 of the 2 class.

The price of feed wheat rose amid demand esporters and amount to $ 152-153 tone or 4500 UAH CPT ports of Ukraine.
Refiners have reduced the purchase price of feed wheat up to 4100-4200 SRT factory, although last week, prices reached USD 4300-4400.
Prices for feed barley is unchanged , the demand for the old crop is missing , and the new prices sounded at 137-139доларів /ton