On the trading floors of Chicago has dropped the price of wheat

2016-08-16 12:27:08
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On the trading floors of Chicago has dropped the price of wheat

sales week for a wheat site in Chicago began with a small decline in quotations. The main reason for such dynamics become speculative sale, which began on Friday. The situation could not change, even positive news from the Department of Agriculture. Over 620 thousand tons of grain were inspected for export, despite the fact that experts had been expecting a maximum of 600 thousand tons. Compared to the previous week, the increase in exports amounted to 217,942 thousand tons.

"The share of spring wheat in good condition decreased by 2% compared to the previous week and is 66%", reported by the national agricultural statistics service of the United States. Thus as 14.08.2016 was threshed 48% of the area of spring wheat, which indicates the high rate of harvest. Winter wheat is almost assembled, remained normalizename only 3% of the area.

Despite this, the September quotes winter wheat from the United States went on the slide:

  • soft wheat SRW (Chicago) lost $0.18 (price: 155,06 $/ton);
  • hard wheat HRW (Kansas city) dropped to us $1.65 (price: 151,29 $/ton);
  • hard spring wheat HRS (Minneapolis) went up by $0,55 (price: 189,32 $/tonne).

With regard to the status of the maize crop, for the past week almost nothing has changed. The percentage of corn in good condition, as before, is 74%