On the background of the uncertainty of the wheat crop in Europe is cheaper

2016-07-26 13:34:27
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On the background of the uncertainty of the wheat crop in Europe is cheaper

Despite the problems with the wheat of the new crop of French exchange in no hurry to raise prices. Previously known that the harvest in France will be the worst in the last 13 years, however, traders want to wait for the final results. Do not quite understand the prospects of the harvest in Germany and Poland, which just entered its active phase. Moreover, the European Agency for the monitoring of agricultural resources said that the current yield of winter crops in the EU exceeds the average of the last five years.


the Prospects of corn production while favorable.


the Decline in prices is also due to the fact that on Friday, the spread between the prices of soft wheat in Chicago and Paris was the biggest, starting in 2014.


  • the On the Paris MATIF milling wheat according to the agreements of September fell to € 3.50/tonne to € 170,50/tone or 187,22 $/ton.


the Market for U.S. wheat on Monday continued the growth that began last week.


the Downward projections of production of soft wheat in France dominate the record pace of harvesting of winter crops and good condition of spring wheat in the United States.


wheat Quotations for transactions in the United States has risen:

  • the soft wheat SRW in Chicago by 1.38/tone to 157,63 $/ton
  • the for hard wheat HRW in Kansas city by 1.56 $/tonne to 155,52 $/ton
  • the on a hard spring wheat HRS in Minneapolis by 0.64 $/ton to 182,61 $/ton.