This week MPs will decide the question of refund of VAT on exports of oilseeds

2018-04-03 12:13:48
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This week MPs will decide the question of refund of VAT on exports of oilseeds

this week the Parliament will consider four bills that relate to land issues and the return of VAT on exports of oilseeds.


So, bill No. 7403-2 includes changes to the Tax code in terms of charging VAT on transactions on exports of oilseeds. This will protect farmers, which independently export oil crops, and will allow Ukraine to avoid breaches of obligations to the EU and the WTO.


the adoption of the law will allow farmers to increase the acreage under soybean and rapeseed in the current and following seasons.


the European Business Association (EBA) in an open letter to the Chairman of BP said that the current plenary week will decide the fate of sowing campaign 2018 and called as soon as possible to vote for bills № 7403-2 and No. 6606.


Ukraine 2017/18 MG exported 2.2 million tons of soybeans grown from 4 million tons and more than 2 million tonnes of canola grown from 2.1 million tons.


During September-February 2017/18 MG sunflower oil exports made up 2.56 million tonnes against 2.7 million tonnes in the corresponding period last season. In particular, in February it was exported 432 thousand tons of oil.


the Main consumer of oil was India, which bought 1,155 million tons, EU Countries imported 916 thousand tons of Ukrainian sunflower oil, China – 256 thousand tons.


Within 10 years, the number of oil-the extract plants in Ukraine grew from 18 to 60 companies.

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