On world markets, wheat prices turned down

2017-02-07 12:39:57
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On world markets, wheat prices turned down

a Decline in prices for American wheat, which began on Friday, Monday has been further accelerated.


investors are concerned about the large amounts of the world supply of grain, especially after he lost the urgency of the threat of frost damage in wheat crops in the Northern hemisphere.


the March wheat prices in the U.S. fell:

  • in Chicago by 2.85 $/tonne to 155,24 $/tones of soft winter wheat SRW,
  • in Kansas city for 1.75 $/tonne to 160,11 $/tones on hard winter wheat HRW,
  • in Minneapolis at 1.10 $/tonne to 204,02 $/tone for hard spring wheat HRS.


European markets wheat futures yesterday fell to 169 euros/t or 180,54 $/ton.


the French Association of wheat producers (AGBP) predicts the resumption of production after a disappointing season in 2016, when the harvest suffered from excessive rain and were down 31% to 28 million. According to the calculations AGBP, next year France will be able to collect 38-40 million tons of wheat that will become the second by quantity of the harvest after the season 2015/16.


In Ukraine, export wheat prices remain stable. However, intensified the purchase of processors that have followed by the exporters to raise prices for food wheat to 5000-5050 UAH/t with delivery at the mill.

On the basis of CPT-port in Ukraine for wheat offer:

  • class 2 $160-166 or 5200-5300 UAH/t,
  • class 3 $or 159-164 5100-5250 UAH/t,
  • feed  $152-155 or 4800-4900 UAH/t